Nordic Components Manufacturing

Nordic Components: An Industry Leader in Precision Machining

Since its founding in 1997, Nordic Components, Inc. has been offering precision machined components for a variety of industries. Our focus is precision machining in both milling and turning from prototypes to high volume production.

Nordic Components has a wide range of production resources, with strong design engineering and process control, allowing us to match the right equipment to our customers’ specific requirements. With prototype capabilities, Nordic Components can take your prototype product from idea to market ready and continue to meet your future sales demand.

Customers choose Nordic Components as the go-to supplier and partner for precision machined components and secondary processes.








With state of the art software we are able to ensure optimally engineered parts which results in improved machine-ability.




Utilizing our state of the art automation centers we are able to accurately and precisely optimize our (your) job to ensure cost savings throughout the entire process.




Utilizing our capacity we are able to provide Reliable Lead times.